Strong points

The Made in Italy excellence, expressed in the design and finishes of our prestige restrooms, our many years of experience, the discretion and professionalism with which our stewards assist our customers during the event are our strong points. It is for this reason that our top of the range restrooms have been chosen by stars in show business, sports, industry, finance and tourism, or officiated by the highest institutional figures such as the President of Italy or the Pope.

All the mobile restrooms “Italian Luxury Toilets” and “Prestige Toilets” are able to function without any water or sewer connections.
We propose perfectly functioning class toilets where comfort, elegance, privacy and especially hygiene reign supreme.

We are particularly grateful to the various wedding planners, event managers and event planners with whom we’ve developed strong working relationships in the following sectors: banquets, wedding caterings, tensile structures and covering solutions for outdoors, corporate events, celebrations and shows, meetings, conferences, fashion shows, ceremonies and receptions.